Here’s What You Need to Know to Lease Your Hollywood Hills Home for Filming

Here’s What You Need to Know to Lease Your Hollywood Hills Home for Filming

  • Jordan Pollack
  • 02/13/23

When searching for a home fit for the big screen, Hollywood Hills luxury homes fit the bill. Even with the perfect home, leasing out your property for filming is a serious commitment homeowners should consider thoroughly. Home leasers should also make sure the contract fulfills their needs and that they protect their valuables. Before renting out your home for filming, review the information below.

Finding interested filmers

The first step to leasing your home is to find interested filmers. Sometimes, a location scout will find your property. Although rare, it does happen, especially if your home has exceptional curb appeal. A scout that seeks out your home is more likely to be reputable. A location agency may reach out to you as well. If you think your property has potential, you can reach out to the agency first. The only downside of location agencies is they collect a portion of the booking’s value.

The most common way to lease a home for a film is by listing it online. There are several different listing sites a homeowner can use to rent out their homes. Sites like LocationsHub are international galleries with +1.5 million location images. Reel Locations has a national reach and is easy to use. Other popular listing sites include Set Scouter and Gigster.

Checking local laws

Before listing your Hollywood Hills real estate for filming, review the local laws. Those filming commercially must have a Los Angeles film permit before starting. This permit ensures the needs of the surrounding community and the film production are met. Permits take at least three days to process, although it could be longer depending on the movie’s needs.

If your property is in a neighborhood, you will need permission from your neighbors. Filming a movie can take two months or longer, which is a major disruption to some. In some cases, filming may not be possible. Neighbors are also able to negotiate and profit from the process, which can make things run smoother.

Preparing your home

Many homes catch a scout’s eye for their unique features or views. Beyond already-constructed portions of your home, try to amp up the natural light. This creates better shots when filming. If you don’t already, work towards owning your home. Although it is possible to collaborate with renters, it’s much simpler for companies to work with owners.

Minimize the risk of valuables breaking by storing them away. For security, also pack away official paperwork. A homeowner should also remove family photos. Before filmmakers start production, document the state of your home. This could be through written documentation or video. Although professional productions will return your home as they found it, it’s best to be prepared for mistakes.

Protecting your property

Renters protecting their Hollywood Hills luxury homes should take a few precautions before leasing. As part of the contract, a production industry will provide a security deposit and production insurance. This covers the costs of any damage that might happen. Those working with location agencies and certain sites can count on support with these transactions. Otherwise, it’s your responsibility to gather documentation of insurance.

Home renters should also consider getting liability insurance. This insurance gives you extra security against lawsuits and damage claims. Typically, these issues rarely arise with film renting. It’s still best to be prepared. Also, the production company should take photos of the room themselves, which will be used as references to put belongings back correctly.

Contract and negotiations

Before renting your home to film, you must sign a location agreement. This contract includes all the particulars of the transaction. Some aspects covered include how long the shoot is, daily filming hours, size of the crew, rates for overtime, and off-limits areas. If you’re unsure about a contract, reach out to a lawyer or location agent to review the paperwork. Don’t be afraid to negotiate or ask questions. Some frequent questions to ask a location manager are listed below.

  • How many prep and wrap days will there be?
  • What changes will be made to the home?
  • Will they be using your home’s amenities? (For example, furniture, bathrooms, Wi-Fi)
  • What genre is the film?
  • What special effects or heavy equipment will be used?
  • Who will be managing repairs?

Expectations during filming

The idea of making a profit on your Hollywood Hills real estate without any extra work is appealing to most people. However, the process can be long and intensive. While the filmmaker is still scouting for locations, it is possible your home might not make the cut. Alternatively, a homeowner might not receive a contract until a few days before shooting.

Preparedness and flexibility are a must for renters.  When the contract is signed, visits and checks may begin late or run over the allotted time. Booking and rebooking appointments is a regular occurrence. Creating a film takes many professionals to complete. Homeowners should be comfortable with strangers in their home. Although filming is the busiest time, expect people in your home before and after the shoot as well.

Steps after filming wraps

Homeowners have a set amount of time to report deficiencies from filming. Start looking for issues early, using your previous documentation to check each room. Take enough time to adjust to your home and catch issues that aren’t immediately apparent. When you’ve completed recording problems, email your list to the location manager.

Ready to see your home on the big screen?

Renting your home for filming can be very profitable, especially for luxury homes in popular filming locations like Hollywood Hills. Avoid damage and legal issues by reviewing local laws and storing valuables. Also, be prepared for the day-to-day lifestyle of making a movie. Finding a property to rent out is best done with the help of a local agent. When you’re ready to start your search in Hollywood Hills, contact LA Luxuries to guide you through the process.

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