4 secrets for finding the Vacation property that's not just an "airbnb".

4 secrets for finding the Vacation property that's not just an "airbnb".

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  • 02/2/19

When it comes to vacations, your choice of accommodation can be as important as the destination itself. The right vacation home adds an element of luxury, playing a big role in making your trip hassle-free and unforgettable.

(1) Know Thyself

Luxury is all about your personal preference. That’s why it is crucial to know exactly what you want from your vacation rental. Do you fancy a spectacular ocean view? 

What amenities and décor features appeal to you the most? Do you want a large kitchen, marble bathroom perhaps with a soaking tub, a swimming pool or BBQ pit? 

Are you an indoors kind of a person or prefer plenty of outside space? It all boils down to your desirables. And, you should never compromise on these — after all, this is your vacation, your time to kick back and relax!

(2) Get Recommendations and Check Reviews

The Internet has made everything easy, and looking for a vacation rental is no different. Make sure to read online reviews and check ratings for your potential vacation home. Don’t forget recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues.

(3) Location is Everything

Let’s face it; the perfect location can make a huge difference. This is especially true if you are planning to explore the destination and all the goodies it has to offer. For instance, if you are planning to go boating, sailing, surfing, fishing or snorkeling, it might be best to stay close to the ocean.

A good location means spending more time on what matters instead of getting stuck in traffic. Don’t forget to pick a vacation home in a good neighborhood, too. This is where a good vacation home company can come in handy. 

(4) Choose the Right Company

The best way to score the right vacation home is to use an estate rental agency that has the direct connections with owners, management companies, or real estate agents. but not all of them are created equal. 

Whether you’re interested in a vacation villa, condo, home or anything in between, a great rental estate agency should know the ins and outs of the property, neighborhood, and much more. It’s best to use a full-service company that offers extras like concierge services, personal chefs, Event planning, nanny services, and housekeeping, to name a few, because what you're recieving is a fully fledged social network revovling around specific communities.

The company should note your preferences and zero in on the perfect vacation home without any hassle. Ideally, they should take care of everything, helping you plan your vacation from start to finish. How to find one of these companies? They are few and hard to come by, but if you google keyword specific words you should see a few options. Make sure to choose the one that makes it simple from the start.

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