What Additional Services Should You Provide to Get Top Dollar Leasing Your Los Angeles Mansion?

What Additional Services Should You Provide to Get Top Dollar Leasing Your Los Angeles Mansion?

  • Jordan Pollack
  • 02/21/23

Vacationers who want to relax in style seek out popular LA communities like the West Hollywood neighborhood. This trendy neighborhood offers exciting nightlife and upscale shopping on Santa Monica Boulevard and is right next to Hollywood. However, competing with other renters in this affluent area can be difficult. Incorporate some of the services and amenities below to make the most of leasing your LA mansion.

Smart technology

Smart home technology is rising in popularity. As such, most renters expect one or two additions when searching for someplace to stay. Mansions without some smart home additions are behind the times. To make living even more convenient for guests, consider implementing keyless locks, smart lights, and smart thermostats. This keeps the indoor environment comfortable with minimal effort.

Internet connection is an essential part of a Hollywood Hills real estate rental. Upgrade your connection to a speedy service that can handle multiple high-volume users. Also, provide the home amenities to use speedy Wi-Fi. This may include a smart tv with access to multiple streaming services, a gaming console with online games, or a desktop that can be used for work and video calls. This increases guests’ satisfaction, ensuring they leave a good review.

Kitchen amenities

For a vacation to feel like a vacation, keep the kitchen fully stocked. Before guests arrive, renters can ask for individual food preferences and needs. This creates a personalized experience for guests. Otherwise, line the fridge with complimentary drinks and fill the pantry with snacks. Renters can also wow guests by providing a complimentary breakfast.

The kitchen itself should be fully equipped. Add luxurious kitchen amenities like an espresso machine, high-end cookware and silverware, and seasonings for cooking. Don’t forget to stock up on cleaning products. Renters can also opt to provide complimentary cleaning services for guests.

Bathroom additions

Another essential area of your Hollywood Hills real estate rental is the bathroom. Your bathroom may already be outfitted with amenities like a rain showerhead, a large soaking tub, or a personal sauna. Add onto these perks by providing premium toiletries. These include shampoos, body soaps, lotions, and conditioners. For a spa-like experience, add face masks, bath bombs, and gentle face-cleaning products. These additions make guests feel taken care of.

It's common for guests to forget something essential when packing. Save them a trip to the store by providing complementary grooming items, hair appliances, and robes and slippers. Supply plenty of high-quality, lush towels to use. Another major perk for guests is floor heating, which eliminates the shock of warm toes on the cold tile.

Outdoor recreation

Provide spaces for guests to spend outdoors, either via a front porch, a back patio, or another high-end construction. For large properties like Los Angeles mansions, make the most of a spacious, private area by investing in a pool or hot tub. Nearby, create a lounging area with high-quality outdoor furniture. Also, provide pool amenities in sleek storage. This includes towels, floating devices, and pool games. Make sure a guest can easily operate extras like heating systems and underwater lights.

To create a livable outdoor space, invest in an outdoor kitchen with a covered back patio. Built-in grills are an instant hit with vacationers looking to enjoy the outdoors. A countertop with a sink and fridge is also a major bonus. Create a few areas for people to gather. An outdoor dining table functions well for formal gatherings and meals, while outdoor couches around a fire pit are great informal gathering spaces.

Indoor entertainment

Indoor entertainment is a must when trying to make top dollar on your mansion rental. Some vacationers value home gyms, especially if it’s a longer stay. Outfit your home gym with free weights, a few cardio machines, yoga mats, a large mirror, and a speaker for jamming out. Or convert an extra room into a cozy indoor lounge space. Outfit it with a fireplace and oversized furniture.

Extra space can also be converted into a game room. A game room can be tailored to any age range with the types of games provided. Life-sized games are fun for the whole family. Vintage arcade games add a feeling of exclusivity to your home. Classic additions like a deck of cards, a dart board, or a pool table always pique a guest’s interests. Incorporate modern-day additions like a Nintendo Switch or a PlayStation.


Although the West Hollywood neighborhood is small, most residents use a car to get around. Providing a car to rent out is extremely convenient for guests. It saves them the hassle of searching for a car rental company and keeping track of additional expenses. If your mansion is in a more remote location, providing transportation can be a serious incentive for guests.

A renter can also add in other transportation services like airport pick-up and drop-off. This saves guests the hassle of navigating through an unfamiliar area. Food delivery is also very popular with vacationers and individuals. Those renting out mansions can consider partnering with local providers for food deliveries.

Provide a local guide to restaurants, bars, and entertainment centers guests. If possible, provide menus of popular cafes or establishments nearby. A renter can also incorporate upsells into the rental experience. Search for activities that a range of vacationers would like, such as spa experiences, tours, and adventure sports.

Deck out your LA mansion

There are many services you can provide to make top dollar while leasing your LA mansion. Indoor and outdoor recreation should offer everything a guest might want or need. Providing kitchen amenities like complimentary breakfast makes guests feel pampered. Transportation accommodations can be especially valuable for vacationers who choose properties outside of the city. A local agent is a great resource when deciding which upgrades and services to invest in. When you’re ready to lease out your LA property, contact LA Luxuries to guide you through the process.

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