What Sets LA Luxuries Apart for Vacation Home Leasing / Rentals

What Sets LA Luxuries Apart for Vacation Home Leasing / Rentals

  • Jordan Pollack
  • 10/5/23

The city of angels, Hollywood’s playground, the hub of innovation and creativity — Los Angeles has many titles, and it lives up to each one spectacularly. For those considering leasing a vacation home in this bustling metropolis, LA Luxuries offers a unique and compelling array of options that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

When it comes to vacation home leasing or rentals in Los Angeles, not all offerings are created equal. LA Luxuries has carved a niche for itself by providing a holistic, high-end experience that goes far beyond a mere transaction. From marketing exposure to the 1% to seasonal property inspections, the focus is on delivering a seamless and luxurious experience to property owners and guests alike. Here's what sets LA Luxuries apart.

Contract Upfront – the Starting Point of a Comprehensive Service

The initial contract sets the stage for a customized, all-encompassing service. For clients unfamiliar with the rental process or who are looking to bring their property into the market, LA Luxuries spares no effort in preparing you and your home for an exceptional leasing experience. This includes on-site property meetups, unlimited consultation over the phone, professional photography, cleaning, and thorough guidance on taxes, insurance, licenses, and permits. Why the emphasis on an upfront contract? It ensures both parties are committed to delivering the best possible experience.

Marketing Exposure to the 1%

LA Luxuries' marketing strategies are tailored to target the high-end clientele you desire. Through exclusive advertising and high-end sources, your property is brought to the attention of the 1%, ensuring that the guests align with the luxury experience you aim to offer.

Personal Attention to All Leases

LA Luxuries goes beyond the transactional nature of vacation home rentals to offer a personalized, end-to-end service. From the moment you initiate contact, the team works to understand your unique needs and preferences. Whether it's a pet-friendly property you seek or one with a home office setup to mix work with leisure, you can expect a tailored offering that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle.

From guest verification before booking to contract management, deposits, and special requests, LA Luxuries provides personalized attention to each lease. This attention to detail results in a streamlined, stress-free experience for both the property owner and the guest.

Supply and Demand Pricing Strategy

Understanding the dynamics of supply and demand in the luxury rental market, LA Luxuries employs a smart pricing strategy. The goal is to maximize the property's occupancy rate and profitability while maintaining its exclusivity and allure.

Guest Care and Local Management

Guest satisfaction is a priority. From pre-booking queries to post-stay evaluations, LA Luxuries offers nearly round-the-clock guest care. With local management teams well-versed in the luxury market, your property is in expert hands.

Design, Staging, and Onboarding

The look and feel of your property play a pivotal role in attracting the right guests. That’s why LA Luxuries offers comprehensive interior design & delivery services. This involves everything from selecting the furnishings to contracting the right professionals like designers, electricians, plumbers, and handymen. Outdoor areas aren't left out; landscaping and outdoor staging are executed with equal finesse to ensure a complete luxury experience.

Los Angeles is renowned for its architectural diversity, and LA Luxuries has capitalized on this to offer a wide range of stunning properties. Whether you're looking for a modern loft downtown, a classic Hollywood mansion, or a breezy beachfront cottage, you'll find it here. Each property is vetted for quality, ensuring that guests can expect top-tier amenities, functional layouts, and unique design elements that capture the spirit of Los Angeles.

Seasonal Property Inspection for Peace of Mind

Whether your property is frequently occupied or vacant due to seasonality, LA Luxuries provides seasonal property inspections to give you peace of mind. These inspections cover the interior, exterior, and mechanical aspects of your home, ensuring it’s fit for occupancy. Immediate notifications and follow-up proposals for any necessary repairs or replacements keep you in the loop and protect your valuable investment.

Additional Services for a Seamless Experience

From restocking household supplies and overseeing maintenance to handling guest cleaning and post-stay incident evaluations, every little detail is meticulously managed. This also includes protocols for damages and guidelines for the owner's use of the home, ensuring a well-rounded and hassle-free leasing process.

LA Luxuries is not just another vacation home leasing company. With its comprehensive, high-touch services, it sets a new standard in luxury home leasing and rentals in Los Angeles. From the moment an upfront contract is signed, both property owners and guests are ushered into a world of luxury, convenience, and peace of mind.

For those who demand the best and are looking to lease or rent a luxury vacation home in Los Angeles, Jordan Pollack and the team at LA Luxuries are your go-to experts. With their end-to-end, personalized services, they ensure that both owners and guests have an unmatched experience. To explore further, visit LA Luxuries today.

*Header photo courtesy of Jordan Pollack

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