Why do we ask for a contract upfront? For clients who have never had their home listed (or, who already are listed), we will work to bring your listing live and within our network.  We will devote time to preparing you (including a meet up of the property, unlimited phone time consulting regarding the online and onsite listing and management process including addressing all questions, inquiries, concerns you might have, preparing your home including professional photography, cleaning, and preparing you on a higher level regarding taxes, insurance, licenses, permits as needed prior to any reservations beginning. We also have found that clients that are even nominally invested in this enterprise with us are more successful and committed to providing the best experience possible for Landlord.

Artificial Intelligence, Behavior Targeting, and Geographic Analytics

Personalization in advertising refers to the use of data or consumer insights to increase an ad’s relevancy to its intended audience. This can be data related to demographic information, interests, buying intents, or behavior patterns.

Increasing the relevancy of ads and making them personalized is becoming a top priority, with 80%* of those who classify themselves as frequent shoppers say they only shop with brands who personalize their experience.

Our platform utilizes a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence that takes a multiple in depth approach to targeting behavior of potential clients looking to buy a home here by focusing on their key metrics.

Behavior Targeting
It’s not enough to target just buying or selling behavior for clients, that’s why we target buyer behavior based on our data point parameters that can find the fraction of the 1%.
Geographic Analytics
Our platform exposes the ads to a global clientele, and down to the hyper-local market.

High Income
Home & Guest Care
Flexibility No Stress
Marketing & Advertising Property
Dynamic Pricing
Multiply Listings Set Up & Management
Professional Photography
Local Staff
Inquiry Response & Communications
Contracts, Deposits, and Fee Collection
Maintenance Oversight & Management
Post Stay Major Incident Evaluation
24/7 Guest & Prop Available
Guest Verification
Household Supply (Purchase & Stock)
Guest Exit Cleaning
Unlimited Owner Use
TOT Permit, Collect/Remit (Monthly)
Damage Claim Filing
Basic Onboarding Support


  • Marketing Exposure to the 1% & advertising your home through exclusive and high end sources.
  • Listing expertise & oversight
  • Personal attention to all leases
  • Guest verification prior to booking
  • Manage contracts, deposits, and special requests
  • Supply and Demand Pricing Strategy
  • 24/6 Guest care
  • Local management
  • Restock of household supplies
  • Maintenance oversight 
  • Guest Cleaning
  • Post stay incident evaluation
  • Damages
  • Owner use of home
  • Bring the home to exposure ready status
  • Luxury Sources

*Cost of household supplies covered by Owner.
**Cost of labor, parts, material to be paid by Owner.



Interior Design & Delivery. This service includes arranging everything including determining the look & feel of each room, furnishings, contracting the right designers, electricians, plumbers, movers, and handymen. We have worked with nearly every staging company near us.

Outdoor area includes setting up of landscape design. Outdoor area refers to the staging and design for seating, lounging, entertaining based upon the existing hard and soft scape. 


Peace of Mind is the primary benefit of our Vacation or Vacant Property Inspection Service. Whether your home is frequently occupied or has been sitting unoccupied due to seasonality, we provide you with the information you need to protect your investment.  We will check on your property and run a thorough inspection on interior, exterior, and mechanicals of each home ensuring its fit to be occupied. 

We will immediately notify you of any problems and give updates of our findings after each visit. Should you elect to move forward with any repairs or replacements we can provide a follow up proposal.

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