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Hands-On Leadership
With the help of G-d, Broker-owner Jordan Pollack leads LA Luxuries with a hands-on approach and in-depth expertise of the Los Angeles luxury community. His commitment to excellence ensures that each client receives personalized service tailored to their specific needs.
High-net-worth Purchases
Our firm specializes in high-net-worth purchase representation, offering unparalleled expertise and bespoke services to affluent individuals. We understand the unique needs of discerning clients and provide comprehensive support throughout the acquisition process. From identifying exclusive opportunities to negotiating favorable terms, our dedicated team ensures a seamless and rewarding experience. Trust us to safeguard your interests and maximize the value of your investments.
Property Sales
We excel in high-net-worth sales marketing, catering to residents, investors, and companies owning luxury homes. We leverage our extensive market knowledge and sophisticated strategies to position your property for maximum exposure and optimal returns. Whether you're selling a premier residence or an exclusive investment property, our tailored approach ensures your listing reaches the most discerning buyers. Partner with us to achieve exceptional results in the luxury real estate market.
Exposure to/for High-Net-Worth
Our properties enjoy the distinct advantage of exposure to high-net-worth individuals that is nearly impossible to duplicate elsewhere. Our clientele includes discerning residents, Entrepreneurs, families, companies, events, and film productions, all seeking the luxury of vacation homes.
Leasing for Clients
Offering comprehensive services tailored to high-net-worth clients seeking vacation homes. We provide expert representation throughout the entire process, from identifying exclusive properties to finalizing the lease acquisition. With an in-depth understanding of luxury markets and a commitment to personalized service, we ensure our clients find their ideal vacation retreats. Trust us to deliver a seamless and rewarding experience in securing your perfect residence.
Estate Management
Tailored solutions designed to maintain and enhance the value of your property throughout the transaction process. We provide strategic advice and expert management to ensure your asset is presented at its best, maximizing its market potential. From pre-sale enhancements to meticulous oversight during negotiations, and during leases, our dedicated approach guarantees that your property's value is preserved and elevated. Partner with us to achieve the highest return on your investment.
Diverse Income Opportunity
LA Luxuries opens doors to additional income sources by catering to a wide range of needs. Whether for long-term rentals, Mid-term stays, Monthly stays, or unique event spaces, our marketing attracts a variety of high-net-worth clients, maximizing your property's potential and exposure.
Freedom & Convenience
We understand the value of freedom and convenience for our clients. Our services allow homeowners to sell and lease their properties without the hassle, ensuring their homes are well-maintained and secure. We prioritize protection, privacy, and quality, providing a seamless listing experience from start to finish.

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Pollack has had the honor and privilege of representing the most pedigreed and significant estates in Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, & Bel Air. 

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