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The name LA Luxuries is synonymous with reputation within the luxury vacation home industry. We handle only those listings where we believe strongly enough in our clients’ position that we will share their risk of loss.  Only once we lease the property do we get paid. Located in Beverly Hills, CA, Indeed, the privately-held company has built a reputation for renting the most distinctive properties and estates in Los Angeles.

Founded by Jordan Pollack, the business has remained privately-held, steadfastly independent and unfettered by investors or outside shareholders. The firm focuses on marketing to the top 1% as well as maintains relationships with vacation home landlords. This allows LA Luxuries a unique position as a powerhouse boutique with a presence in all major vacation home sectors with a broad market share.

For Los Angeles with its global outreach and show business panache, the idea of an elite local agency serving the city’s most distinguished and influential residents offers a special allure. LA Luxuries provides an unwavering commitment to character, integrity and proficiency. Clients receive personalized service combined with the best of the industry’s evolving tools and technology. 

Iconic properties help paint a picture of the region’s history and growth. LA Luxuries has dominated when it comes to representing noteworthy estates, but LA Luxuries doesn’t rest on past laurels. Its success speaks to consistent dedication and effort, and understanding the client's’ priorities and wishes. LA Luxuries has an award-winning marketing team that is second to none and targets the 1% clientele we work with through data and A.I as well as maintains relationships with event, production, agency, travel, and insurance companies. This results in dominance within the clientele and knowledge/ access to a vast amount of inventory. While other agencies fixate on expansion and franchising, LA Luxuries remains committed to raising the bar for personal service and providing an in-depth expertise that no one else can match. 

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Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Jordan Pollack gravitated towards business at a young age. Cultivating a sharp curiosity about entrepreneurship and an appreciation for hard work, the grit it took for his family to ensure a good life was full of entrepreneurial challenges. His mothers side of the family relocated to Canada from Israel and began repair work in an industrial oil pipeline company. The harsh winters were no place for a family looking for a fresh start, and so two years later they again moved, this time to New York City where Jordan’s grandfather opened up countless dry cleaning services, and entered Venezuelan gold mining, which claim to possess some of the largest untapped gold reserves in the world. He took his earnings and purchased hotels and shopping plaza’s on Miami Beach’s prime real estate, South Beach. Jordan grew up listening to the stories of rise and fall entrepreneurism and it has become etched into his mind and heart ever since. 
Jordan’s curiosity gave way for a visual appreciation of personal story telling and went on to enter Film Production as well as a Writing degree. With the story of his life unfolding before his eyes, he completed school, was flown out by producers, and three weeks into moving to Los Angeles, met a girl, who he would later marry. Such a fine turn of events led Jordan to change course and pursue Real Estate with his new found family.
Jordan Pollack began at the mail room, an unlicensed assistant bringing in clientele to work with a veteran realtor in Beverly Hills. Jordan’s father, a life insurance agent with investments of his own taught him that the basics of businesses is relationships. Jordan’s grandparents on his fathers side, the Pollack and Ellish families of New York set the precedence for his career with their large development firm “The Lynmark Group” and real estate brokerage. 
Early on Jordan became a landlord and began leasing his own property which led to an expertise for leasing and selling vacation homes to the high net worth using target marketing, Data, and A.I. Jordan has done business with a variety of individuals and companies from the likes of celebrities, financial executives, families, corporate companies, event planners, travel agencies, caterers, insurance agencies, film production agencies, influencers, heads of state, and royal families. In an atmosphere such as this, confidentiality is a must.

Jordan Pollack

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