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Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Jordan Pollack gravitated towards business at a young age. Cultivating a sharp curiosity about entrepreneurship and an appreciation for hard work, the grit it took for his family to ensure a good life was full of entrepreneurial challenges. His mothers side of the family relocated from Israel to Canada unwilling to deal with the politics that came with the 67’ war and began repair work in an industrial oil pipeline company. The harsh winters were no place for a family looking for a fresh start, and so two years later they again moved, this time to New York where Jordan’s grandfather opened up countless dry cleaning services, and entered Venezuelan gold mining, which claim to possess some of the largest untapped gold reserves in the world. He took his earnings and purchased hotels and shopping plaza’s on Miami Beach’s prime real estate, South Beach. Jordan grew up listening to the stories of rise and fall entrepreneurism and it has become etched into his mind and heart ever since. 

Jordan’s curiosity gave way for a visual appreciation of personal story telling and went on to enter Film Production as well as a Writing degree. With the story of his life unfolding before his eyes, he completed school, was flown out by producers, and three weeks into moving to Los Angeles, met a girl, who he would later marry. Such a fine turn of events led Jordan to change course and pursue Real Estate with his new found family.

Jordan Pollack began at the mail room, an unlicensed assistant bringing in clientele to work with a veteran realtor at Keller Williams Beverly Hills. The job they were to have was to engage active buyers and sellers in the real estate market, set up appointments for sale transactions, and close. Jordan’s father, a life insurance agent with investments of his own taught him that the basics of businesses is relationships. Jordan’s grandparents on his fathers side, the Pollack and Ellish families of New York set the precedence for his career with their large development firm “The Lynmark Group” and real estate brokerage. 

Early on Jordan set the tone initiating many integral relationships in real estate and opening over $10,000,000 in business. He is also a licensed agent in Beverly Hills able to consult about purchasing real estate. 

Today Jordan focuses his time on helping his high net worth clients find and locate one off deals for the use of their private residences. Deals include event, film production, short term rental, and furnished leases.

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