Production Luxuries

Production Luxuries

The melting pot of film shares one special link. They all have leased real homes or businesses to use as filming or Photo locations. That is why we open up the estates to allow for some truly picture perfect opportunities. Back in the Golden Age of Hollywood, most movies were filmed on soundstages. Today, producers and filmmakers want to shoot on location as much as possible for the sake of authenticity..


Price: $3,000 - $50,000/day How to arrive at that number: The industry rate per day is generally the monthly mortgage payment. Other determining factors such as crew size, how long the film crew need to be in the house, whether filming occurs outside or inside the estate, the property’s zip code, and more. Industry regulations demand that production companies treat property with care and have proper insurance and site supervision. We require all shoots to leave the rental site in the same condition as when they found it. If not, the property should be properly reimbursed monetarily.

Social Media & Brand Marketing Luxuries

All image content from us will be images featuring the business product/estate. All video content will feature the product with model/actor(s), while showcasing the outdoor Los Angeles lifestyle. Includes: • Estate • Film Crew/Photo Crew • Model/Actor(s) • Photo/Video Editing • Social Media influencers



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