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Beverlywood is a few blocks down from Beverly Hills. It used to be a part of Beverly Hills but split off in 1940 to become a planned community. This neighborhood has mountainous streets and cul-de-sacs, tall trees, and beautiful homes. Beverlywood has become the new middle-class dream and everyone seems to want to move here out of so many other Los Angeles locations.
This is a strong and wealthy neighborhood that has kept major development in it back throughout the year thanks to their homeowner’s association which is dedicated and passionate about Beverlywood.
This is mainly a residential area and doesn’t have too many businesses like restaurants and shops in it. However, it is close to other neighboring areas and a short drive can give you an endless amount of entertainment. That’s not to say that Beverlywood doesn’t have great shops and restaurants, it does.

What to Love

While Beverlywood may be a residential area primarily, there are still many things you can fall in love with.

  • Beautiful parks and nature
  • Shopping
  • Hiking
  • Restaurants

The Communities of the Beverlywood Neighborhood

Beverlywood has a low crime rate which is below the average of Los Angeles County. This is thanks to it being a smaller community in LA which is a planned community. The strong homeowners association is dedicated to keeping Beverlywood an incredible and safe area for all its residents.
Since Beverlywood is a smaller area with a lower population compared to most of Los Angeles County’s cities, there aren’t really too many communities within this neighborhood that stand out from one another in an incredibly unique way. Beverlywood is a close-knit neighborhood that is more affordable than Beverly Hills and keeps a watchful eye on its residents to make sure this place stays safe and protected for them.

Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment

The areas you will want to eat at in Beverlywood are a part of a strip of restaurants along Pico Boulevard. This place has a diverse selection of restaurants that you can choose from and fill your stomach before going on with your day.
Some names that come to mind when thinking about food and drinks in Beverlywood are Factor’s Famous Deli, which is an incredible Deli that will have your mouth watering from all the savory food options you have to choose from. Pats Steakhouse is another great option you will want to check out when you’re near Beverlywood, it has a great menu that will leave you delighted once you are done eating.
While the shopping experience in Beverlywood is not anywhere near the experience you can get in other areas in Los Angeles, you can still find some great shops to visit and purchase wonderful products. Additionally, Beverlywood is in proximity to other neighborhoods so a short drive can give you the opportunity to shop at some excellent shopping centers. You can check out Westfield Century City which is a mall that has so many shops littered within it; you can find almost everything you could be looking for. It’s a great place to go to with friends and family as well to have a fun day out.
Entertainment in Beverlywood can be found by doing things like going for a hike or biking in the picturesque areas that this neighborhood has to offer. One of the best things about this neighborhood is that Beverlywood is centrally located in LA. So you have access to so many different areas in Los Angeles County with a short drive. This opens up so many options for you to enjoy the LA experience and take part in everything it has to offer.

Things to Do

You can explore the numerous things that Beverlywood has to offer. These include the South Robertson Boulevard which is a long road that passes through many neighborhoods including Beverly Hills and has so much to offer locals and visitors such shops ranging from small boutiques to high-end fashion stores.
You can check out Irving Schachter Park which has a brilliant atmosphere and wonderful hiking trails. You can check out this place with friends and family and have a great time and enjoy your day and let the stresses of daily life go.
South Beverly Drive almost give a small-town feel, but it has so many different shops and restaurants that you can explore, shop, and dine in. If you are looking for lesser known things that Los Angeles has to offer, then this is a place that you need to check out, and it leads a short few miles down to Rodeo Drive.
As mentioned before, Beverlywood is centrally located in LA, so a short drive can send you to so many different and exciting locations where the things you can do seem endless. This is what makes Beverlywood so incredible, its accessibility to everything LA has to give.


There are many top-rated schools in Beverlywood which are both public and private.

  • Cheviot Hills Continuation School – Public
  • Yeshiva of Los Angeles Girls High School – Private
  • Shenandoah Street Elementary School – Public
  • Canfield Avenue Elementary School – Public
  • Yula (Yeshiva University) Boys School – Private
  • Yula (Yeshiva University) Girls School - Private

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